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Saturday , December 25 , 2021

Dear Colleagues

As we head towards another new year, I just wished to reflect on the current year and how our organization continues to evolve. Sometimes it might feel as if we are not evolving, or doing so very slowly, but if I think back over my brief 9 months at the Port, I think that we have experienced a lot of positive change.

We were able to define our Mission-Vision-Values, and these are now alive. Our Vision is in essence our strategy, and reflects where we are heading as a collective. Here we wish to be considered as the port of choice for Belizean international logistics, a crown that we already partially wear, but the right to this is not a given, we need to take and retain that. Our Mission gives us some clues as to what will be required to realise the Vision, and that calls for a focus on our Employees and our Customers. Our Values are our guidelines as to how we will get there, and reflect what you can expect of the leadership, and what the leadership requires from the Staff. This is our guide to a sustainable future.

For the first time in 19 years, we have a new Staff-CBA. This took a lot of work to achieve, but every minute spent was well-worth it. I believe that we did achieve the delicate balance of an agreement which was right for the Staff, and deliverable by the Company, and this is never easy to do.

Our digital progress was also good, with the roll-out of: CMMS, BambooHR and a new Payroll system. We will need to continue to make further digital progress, to ensure that our processes are well IT-supported, lean and robust. The less time spent on mundane tasks means that we can spend more time on proactive tasks, and this should ensure that our work becomes more meaningful and fun. We are presently engaged with the Port Authority, who with support from the World Bank are looking at how we can establish a Port Community System for the betterment of all parties who are involved in cargo logistics.

We ran an Employee Engagement Survey earlier in the year, and this revealed to us some specific areas where we needed improvement to enhance the Employee Experience. We have made some good progress here, and have just completed a sequence of leadership training sessions. Training our leaders and Staff will be ongoing through-out 2022 and beyond. We wish to achieve an environment of high trust and psychological safety, for our Employee to flourish in, and where they can utilize their skills and determination to continuously improve the business and grow themselves.

On growth, we welcomed back some cruise ships since September, and we recovered some our container volume which was lost during 2020. This is positive for us all, and initial projections suggest that in 2022 we might get our container volumes back to the level they were at in 2018. Our growth is very much influenced by the overall Belizean economy, and we will hope for this to further improve next year and beyond.

So on reflection, we did indeed make significant progress in 2021, and I would like to express my gratitude to you all for your contributions made towards this. 2022 will be another year of opportunity, and we will endeavour to take those with both hands.

I wish you and your families a Very Merry and Safe Christmas 2021, and I hope that you will enjoy your family time during this festive period. My very best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy and rewarding 2022 ahead.

Stay safe, take good care, and I very much look forward to the continuation of our journey together in 2022.

Best Regards

Andy Lane

Chief Executive Officer

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